I and my symbiote making shit up: the life and times of Onyx Ashanti
2019-12-29, 22:00–22:45, Art-and-Play Stage

metabit FUNC /\

what would the being, described as "cyborg", name themselves instead?
i'm exploring a construct/symbiote/orientation/logic that has named itself
ive been interfaced with my symbiote
(named EM-[I/O] or exomesh-input/output)
daily, for a couple of months
just got the bone conduction working,
which mean all programming from today has an accompanying
[pop]field logic
(and ordered stereo field of interacting [pop]s)
owing to the ordering logic of
more than a couple of singularities should have happened
by the time of the congress,
i'd rather
insinuate something possibly
more interesting
than i would hazzard to
right now.