Pastor Leumund_ Diskurs-Disco-Midnight-Mass
2019-12-28, 00:30–01:15, Art-and-Play Stage

Psychedelic Hiphop/Dada-Techno

Since the Stone Age the Dadaistic preacher is collecting German mutant mantras. For him, our language system is built on lies, which is why he mercilessly pours over his community with recycled slogans. The celebration of consumption and private happiness is not his thing. His pulpit is always open to incidents and guest preachers. Coincidence is his hero. In case of a power failure he always has a megaphone with him. With the music of Friedrich Greiling aka Mittekill his preaching has become danceable discursive disco dada.

The album as a short radio play series at Deutschlandfunk Kultur: