Quantified Reality
2019-12-28, 12:00–13:00, Art-and-Play Stage

performance lecture 60 min

Today, up to half of all animal species are at risk of extinction. At the same time, leading engineers and philosophers are envisioning a bio- and geo-engineered future where machines may develop their own forms of consciousness. What may seem to be two distinct developments – of nature and IT – are in fact the consequences of the actions of the one species that has come to dominate the planet: homo sapiens. As an artist, I have always striven to find the worlds that are hidden behind the ordinary. In my lecture performance I use photography, a dead bird, a children's vinyl published by state environmental education services of native bird's songs (which are extinct by now), show results of my own Artificial Intelligence, which continues evolution of moths and let a bionic drone fly. Anthropogenic Extinction Crisis, bionic engineering, climate change, and AI will be put into a mesmerizing web of inter-relations, using art as a medium of research, turning complex information into visual messages.