solarpunk: peer to peer energy trading
2019-12-29, 12:30–13:15, Art-and-Play Stage

talk and Q&A 45min

"move quietly and plant things" our motto as solarpunks. Between the retro-futurism of steampunk and dystopian cyberpunk we as solarpunks place positive designs of our future – in an ecological, social sense. We want to support and develop decentralized infrastructures – for more local, neighbourly exchange. In the talk, we present different approaches of a decentralized peer to peer power grid "microgrid", a bottom-up power grid facilitating direct neighbour to neighbour energy trading. Since our solarpunk collective is just about to start, we invite you to join our regular monthly meetings at c-base to discuss the implementation of such a microgrid within the city – and more.

Image: enerGAZE Zine, geniox (CC BY-SA 4.0)